Shaman Mother’s “7” Golden Rules before you get pregnant – #7 Game Day(…my husband’s term)!

Golden Rule #7 – Game Day!

You have been studying the Golden Rules and it’s time for Game Day (OK…… I compromised on this term with my husband)!  Preparing yourself for motherhood is the most important thing you can do in your life. We spend time preparing for exams, events, and many other outside activities, but we give little thought to this most sacred happening.

We all know by now, that the stork doesn’t drop off a baby in a bundle to earth. The sexual act creates life. Many couples come to a point where they decide to get pregnant and suddenly, the act of making love becomes a job, as depicted in the TV Show Sex in the City with Charlotte trying so hard to get pregnant!

We all celebrate the day we were born but really the most important day was the moment of conception. You need to know how important this moment is. In a split second a life is being creating and formed and don’t you want to do more than screwing? So how do we, as women, create the immaculate concept?

What to do / Action Steps:

  1. Study the art of tantra. There is a reason why tantric scenes are sculpted in temples…it is not pornography. The temples honor the power of sexuality. It is important to experience pleasure in conceiving a child.
  2. Deepen the love connection between you and your partner as I have described in Golden Rule #1.
  3. When two people come together to make love consciously to create a life, there is no higher state of being. Make sure as a couple that both your intentions are to create an incredible being, who will be a blessing to earth.
  4. Know that you have the capability to create a Christ, Buddha, Krishna or Mohammed within your being.
  5. Use in your everyday living the noble truths: right thoughts, right speech, right actions.
  6. Raise your vibration by bathing in rose petals with rosewater and oil. Roses carry the highest frequencies….bathing in it cleans and purifies your body and soul.
  7. The more you are able to love unconditionally, the more you will create heaven on earth.

Children hold the key to our future. We want them to be spiritually evolved and created in the spirit of pure love. You have the power to create this!

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