What is the T word?


Trust, according to Webster’s dictionary is: “the belief in and reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc, of a person or thing.”  If you look back on your own life experiences, how many times your trust has been violated on many different levels of life?  I think every single one of us can share a story of how a trust was broken and how painful it was.  We can look at organized religions that have broken a sacred trust, as well as governments, banks, businesses, and personal relationships in which trusts are broken frequently.  You might ask ‘Is trust humanly possible in our reality?’  I think so.

Trust begins by trusting yourself.  The only way to develop trust is to fully accept responsibilities for all your experiences.  You have to trust in the wisdom of your soul that has attracted some of these uncomfortable experiences and find the golden nugget in each one of them.  All of us are great at pointing fingers at others and blaming, but if you step outside your ego and dive inside your heart you will discover a gold mine of love & trust that will alchemize every part of your being.  Trust in love, no matter what disguise it comes in.

Trusting sometimes means jumping and not knowing where you’re going to land.  Trying to control all of our experiences that makes us feel safe can stall our spiritual growth.  Trust in life no matter where you land.

  “None of us knows what might happen even in the next minute, yet we still go forward.  Because we trust; because we have faith”  –  Paulo Coelho

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