Nothing to Prove

nothing to prove

“Prove It” is the calling card that we continue to hear as we journey through life.  Relationships, jobs and so many other aspects of life demand that we continue to prove who we are and we are worthy of the prize.  Unfortunately by trying to be something that we’re not, this effects our happiness and our ability to be genuine.

Imagine if there was nothing to prove!  We could simply be ourselves and have a life surrounded by the right friends, doing the things that we liked and having relationships that were built on real trust and understanding.  Simple but complex, I agree.  Take time every day to be conscious of this and be genuine.  You have nothing to prove if you’re in the right situations; if you’re not it’s a time to reflect and adjust!

         “You alone are enough; you don’t have to prove anything to anybody.”  – Maya Angelou

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