Fear is Fatal

Fear is fatal; this is a fact. The need to survive is innate inside of each of us……..our natural instincts. Fear is insidious. It can incite riots, looting, hoarding, violence when we feel threatened. Humanity has experienced wars, starvation, plagues, pandemics, natural disasters and much more for eons of time.  

We all have an opportunity presently to go inward and develop inner peace. Our busy lives are offering an opportunity to slow down and breathe. Inhale and exhale. Being not Doing. Ironically the corona virus steals our breath.  How for most of our lives we have forgotten the importance of breathing until it is taken away? Anxiety, stress and fear feeds a pandemic. Calmness restores harmony in our bodies. 

Here are some suggestions to reflect on: 

  1. Acknowledge your own fears consciously. 
  1. Recognize that most fears are just thought forms. 
  1. Bring in thoughts that are helpful not hurtful. 
  1.  Realize you have the power choose your thoughts, reactions and actions. 
  1.  Become responsible for your health. (eating healthy food, exercise, meditation, loving relationships and joyful living.) 
  1. Help each other in any way you can. (Sharing, caring and supporting) 
  1.  Stay away from the news if it feeds fear. Listen to music, paint, garden and talk to uplifting people. 
  1.  Accept that you cannot control everything. 
  1. Stay hopeful not hopeless. 
  1.  Give yourself a big hug. 

Buddhist teachings state that life is impermanent. Last I checked, no one leaves earth alive. Someday each one of us will die. It doesn’t mean that we run in front of a moving vehicle or expose ourselves to a potentially dangerous situation. With that simple acceptance choose to live well.  

 “The only thing to fear is fear itself” – FDR 

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