V is for victory, not victim


The 4th of July is a pivotal day in history not only for Americans but for the world.  A group of rebellious colonists said: “no more” to the King of England.  It took great courage and sacrifice for these brave souls to battle one of the most powerful empires in history.  They made a choice not be the other V word…..a Victim.

In my healing practice, one of the services I provide to my clients is an archetypal chart based on Jungian philosophy.  Universally all of us carry the energy of the victim somewhere in our personality.  It is your job to discover where in your life you feel continually victimized.  The victim always blames others for their own unhappiness.  They love to get positive feedback from others in the form of pity to feed the victim mentality.  The time is NOW to stop feeding the monster.

If there is an area in your life where you are a victim or even victimizing others, gather insight into your unconscious behavior and take a stand for yourself.  Look at all areas of your life daily and remind yourself to no longer behave like a victim.  Learn how to cope with your own fears and challenges.  Victory can be yours in all areas of your life.

Happy 4th of July……victory not victim!

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