Believe It or Not

Our belief systems are an integral part of our consciousness and reality. Since childhood, we have been bombarded with beliefs from our parents, teachers, friends and religious institutions about what is true. But what is truth and have you ever spent time with yourself examining your own personal belief systems?

Thoughts are energy and beliefs follow our thoughts and perceptions. We have personal beliefs but then we have “tribal” beliefs that our society has outlined for us to believe. Some of our beliefs are outdated like old computer software.

Scientific studies have proven that the placebo effect is powerful. The Discovery channel  featured a program called “Placebo Mind over Medicine.” One of the examples they used was a shoe salesman from Nashville that got diagnosed with esophagus cancer. The man died weeks later after his diagnosis. An autopsy later proved that he had very little cancer in his body and the cancer did not kill him. His doctor posed the question did he die because he believed that he was going to die?

As a shaman healer I have witnessed unusual techniques of healing by indigenous medicine people that are incredible. Most Americans would not believe it because it does not fit in with our idea of “scientific healing”. Shamans believe that illness is a sickness of the soul. Drugs and surgery are an American first choice.  Humans have a gift that they often forget about and that is the power to “choose.”

I encourage all of you reading this blog to spend some time self-reflecting and go through your closet of unconscious negative beliefs and throw them away like old clothing of habitual bad patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. Why would you want to hold on to the belief of dis-ease rather than wellness?

Dr. Emoto, a Japanese researcher claims that consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. His research proved that if one sent a positive thought and visualization to the water that the water produced a beautiful, crystalline geometric structure. But when a negative thought was sent that water produced was polluted, distorted and randomly formed. Sixty per cent of our bodies are water. Wouldn’t it be logical that the power of belief and thoughts are affecting our bodies?

Occam’s razor philosophy basically says that we should choose the simplest solutions when faced with a choice. Imagine if our lives could be that simple as changing beliefs and thoughts?  Love, beauty, wisdom, health, prosperity, peace and harmony could replace fear, hatred, lack, illness, poverty and war.

Simple…… Believe it or not!

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