Just Remember…..the Relationship with Yourself is Key


I have been married for 46 years, so a lot of people ask for my advice on relationships.  Recently talking to an old friend, she lamented to me that marriage should bring out the best in each other and not the worst.  My first split-second reaction was: ”Yes of course!” but then my next reaction was that worst coming out of you was actually a good thing.  Let me explain.

We all want love and want to feel loved in a relationship, but in most relationships when we behave in a negative way we blame the other person instead of reflecting the shadow that resides in us.  Our own insecurities are scary, but it’s easier to see it in another person.

So the next time your partner brings out the worst in you and ‘pushes your buttons’ be grateful.  Learn to love and heal that aspect of self that has been hiding.  Turn more deeply inward and stop pointing fingers at your beloved.  Our relationships are our best teachers, if we look with eyes open wide.  Loving our own darkness and not acting out with it can transform us.  Establish a loving relationship with yourself, as a firm foundation.  Watch and witness the worst in you with love and compassion.  Then extend it to all of your other relationships.

Accept & Love Yourself……the 1st step in improving all your relationships!

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