Love is a many splendored thing


Valentine’s Day scents are in the air with roses, candy, cards, candles and love songs… then why in the world is Adele the British pop singer, the #1 entertainer in the world with her songs about heart break?  Millions of people relate to her sad songs. Is humanity addicted to pain?  As I‘m writing this blog, Rhianna’s recent hit: “I Found Love”…is playing on the radio. Is love hopeless? Real love can never be hope-less. Love is hope -ful.  People you love, can leave you, stop communicating and disappear from your life but the love that you FELT will always burn brightly inside of you. No one can take love away from you. Love is YOU…..the real you!

If you’re sad that a lover left you, feel the sadness but then remind yourself about how lucky you were to experience loving another. Some relationships have a short expiration date and like a shooting star, they are brief but beautiful. Love is like a beautiful bird that should never be caged, but set free fearlessly.

Real love is a boomerang…the more you love, the more it comes back to you. So toss your boomerang now.  There are many people to love in this world. Tell someone today that you love them. It can be man, woman, child, animal or thing.


“Yes, love is a many splendored thing.”  1955 American Film Classic

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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