One of my favorite childhood stories was Pinocchio, the toy made by loving hands of Geppetto who created the puppet.  Pinocchio like the prodigal son goes through a series of experiences that hurt and disappoint his Father.  One of the scenes in the Disney movie that stands out is when Pinocchio lies and his nose grows with each lie.  His lies are so extensive that it grows as long as a tree branch.  It is only when Pinocchio starts to speak the truth, that the natural size of his nose is restored.

How many of us are like this character?  It is time NOW to be truthful with ourselves.  If we want our lives to be harmonious, we must seek within our self to discover the truth.

1.  What is my life story?

2. Do I want to continue to live my life this way?

3. How do I believe my own lies and mistruths?

4. How can I heal my misperceptions?

5. Am I still blaming others for my own unhappiness?

6. What is the mirror reflecting back at me that I don’t want to see?

When we take time to self reflect, we can shift old patterns that we have become addicted to.  We must accept the responsibility for creating our own reality .  The moment we live in the now in total truth, we shift our consciousness to new heights……the truth shall set you free!

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