Integrity is an important virtue to cultivate. In our fast paced society many people over commit themselves and never follow through on their promises.  Honesty goes hand in hand with integrity like a harmonious chord.  People are conditioned to say what people want to hear, rather than speak the truth.

Recently I made hotel arrangements with an online company that had “ Price Assurance”; I thought that this was the lowest rate possible.  I booked with them and then discovered I was over charged by hundreds of dollars.  The travel service told me that the hotel did not have the right to disclose to me the true cost and they did not refund my money.  How they advertise themselves with the lowest price guarantee turned out to be false and lacking any ethics.

I know that I cannot control others and all I can do is to be diligent about my own integrity. For example – Do you tell someone you are going to call and do not?  Do you tell white lies to not look bad?  Do you commit to something and don’t follow through?  If someone under charges you in a store, do you bring that to his or her attention?  Look around in your everyday life and notice if you’re out of alignment.

Take some small steps today to adjust these behaviors to be in full  integrity; you will certainly not regret this action.  Hopefully it will grow as tall as a cornfield and branch out to influence others in a viral way.

“Do what is right, let the consequences follow.”

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