The f-word, a popular word in our vocabulary…… but the f-word I am writing about is forgiveness.  Forgiveness starts with you forgiving yourself.  Our careless gossiping, criticism and judgments of each other keeps our heart locked up.   Open your heart and clear all the angry junk inside of you.  We all make mistakes and in some way or another have hurt others. Feel the remorse and get over it. It is really a selfish act to forgive someone, but by doing so, you release all that hurt and negativity that is actually poisoning you.

Someone posted on Facebook (another f-word) recently, that she just could not forgive the young Jane Fonda for her past actions;  her judgment was harsh.  How many times in our lives do we judge others with self-righteous indignation?  The press and the media do it daily, as well as talk show hosts for ‘entertainment’ purposes;  I have to admit that I’ve also been guilty of judgment – it’s the human condition!  A famous person once said: “He who has not sinned, cast the first stone” at the crowd who wanted to stone to death an adulterer.  Yet so many of us are not just casting stones, but hurling boulders at each other.

Call up someone today that you have had an issue with. Give up the need to be right and just simply forgive.  Forgive them for whatever you are holding against them. Let go and be free – ‘forgiveness is the key.’

 “To err is human, to forgive divine.”

Alexander Pope (1646–1717) – An Essay on Criticism

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