Trick or Treat

No Tricks Just Treats

October is the season filled with displays of witches, ghosts, skeletons and ghoulish items.  They represent the dark side of us all and the fears that permeate our minds.   Horror movies pique interests on watching the terror a person must face to survive.  The HBO series Dexter is an example. (He’s a serial killer that kills other murderers;  a hero and a villain, all at the same time.)

Do we need to watch horror flicks to stimulate our fears and darkness when the daily news fills our minds with fear everyday?  Ebola flashes across the TV screen like a red flashing light warning us that death is around the corner.  The terrorist group videos slashing innocent people throats can fill fear and hatred into most human beings. Our culture is constantly bombarding us with news of diseases, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, meteors crashing, school killings and on and on.  We are being tricked into believing that we are helpless victims of an evil world.  We are so capable of creating destruction but it is time to flip the switch from fear to happiness.  Why not choose to create constructively and joyously?

We, as humans, need to stop blaming evil forces for all of our problems.  We scoff at our ancestors for their superstitious beliefs, but are we that different?  We still kill, steal, and harm each other.  The weapons are just more technologically  sophisticated, so let’s not pretend that these things are not happening.

I still believe in the goodness of humankind.  We must continue in a forward direction and stop associating violence with some sadistic pleasure.  Practice loving every day amongst your own family and communities. Trust in each other and have faith that we have an unstoppable power collectively to create a peaceful world.  It’s starts with you; refuse to be terrorized and stand tall in the peace within you, no matter how many stones are being thrown at you.  Love and forgiveness is the only answer.  Listen to your heart, not your mind.  Allow the sweetness of life to feed you.

 Choose to live life fully everyday.…… more tricks, just treats!

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