I’m a Shaman Healer, Author, Teacher/Lecturer, Screenplay Writer and Mother of 4 children who has been studying the mind-body connection for over 35 years.  My journey has allowed me the unique opportunity to visit and study in many mystical and sacred sites around the globe, where civilizations have been advanced in their thinking………Tibet, Nepal, India, Mexico, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Israel,  Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, France, Greece, Canada and the United States.  This has helped shape both my healing practice and my perspective on life.  I am blessed to have had this incredible opportunity and my gift is to share my insights and experiences with you, with the hope of making a difference in your life!

My Magic-Wand Healing Practice  is nationally acclaimed with clients across the United States and Europe.  As a healer and an intuitive, I help my clients make major shifts in their consciousness; bring male and female energy into balance; and understand their patterns & belief systems.  I truly enjoy an exciting and fulfilling life, while teaching others how to love themselves and create the balance necessary for this amazing journey of life’s self discovery and enlightenment.  Over the past 35 years,my experiences continue to reinforce the need for balance and alignment in our lives.  On a personal level, I’m passionate about Yoga and find time for regular meditation, acupuncture and massage therapy.  I also have a love for Fashion, as I can often be found on Saturdays assisting clients in my oldest daughter’s Retail Clothing Boutiques in Boston.

Some of my projects include……..my Autobiography, Igniting the Feminine Flame (selected Excerpts are on this site for your enjoyment), is finally ready for a book launch after nearly 15 years of ‘hand writing & editing’; and my Screenplays can be found at Magic-Wand Productions.  My eBook, The Secret Baby Recipe was developed in the late 70’s and has been successfully used by hundreds of women, since that time, to help improve their odds for a Baby Boy or Girl!   I have been married to my husband & best friend, Chet for over 40 years (4 grown children – 2 Boys & 2 Girls; 4 Grandchildren – 2 Boys & 2 Girls) and  currently live in Boxford, MA just 20 miles north of Boston.

What is a Modern Day Shaman (def.)  –  Modern Day Shamans use ancient techniques to teach people how to rid themselves of their own personal issues (addiction, depression, illness, relationship problems, money difficulties and much more).  They re-educate people from limiting beliefs and misperceptions that hold them back from expressing their full potential.  Shamans believe that we are all capable of living in peace, harmony & balance…… actively contributing to a world that is vibrating energy & vitality!

Contact Information:      [email protected]