The Joy of Eating

Americans are obsessed with dieting; billions of dollars are spent by consumers on weight loss companies and diet literature.  Yet, one third of Americans are obese and out of shape.  Eating disorders are rampant on college campuses and women who are petite, lament how fat they are.  The new word for diet now is “CLEANSE” OR DETOX.  No one is happy with themselves, no matter what weight they are and the joy of eating is gone!

Food experts are everywhere; everyone has an opinion about food:

…..Do not eat meat it’s not spiritual.

…..Raw food has all the nutrients in them so do not cook food.

…..You need to cook food because it will make your body cold.

…..Dairy products make you mucous.

…..Wheat will give you a belly; now, more and more people are becoming gluten intolerant.

…..Just eat lean protein if you want to be thin.

…..Don’t eat fruit, it has too much sugar in it and oh carrots, beets and peas are sugary.

…..Bananas have too many carbs but yet the potassium in them would be good for you.

…..Fish has too much mercury in it or pollutants. Sushi will give me parasites.

Maybe I should just live on oxygen!  Unfortunately, the quality of our air makes this a challenge, as well.  Years ago, researchers conducted a study… if children are left to their own food choices, they will unconsciously pick the correct foods that their body needs. We are all individuals with different chemistry, and therefore must listen to our own bodies to know what foods give us proper energy and nutrients.

I suggest that we return to the joy of cooking, as well as eating. We must bless our food and send love and happy thoughts to whatever we eat.  Stop the negative thoughts we are ingesting with the judgments we make of certain foods.  Personally, I like the way the French eat – everything in small portions!  Italians enjoy their food, as well – we can certainly learn from them.

On this upcoming Thanksgiving Day, cook dinner with your utmost joy and gratitude. We are so lucky to have this abundance of food, so please eat with total happiness and without an ounce of guilt!

 Bon Appetit &Blessings on the Cornucopia of Life….


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