Shaman Mother’s “7” Golden Rules before you get pregnant – #6 Find Fulfillment within Yourself!

Golden Rule #6 – Find fulfillment within yourself!

I have often heard excited new mothers stating that they felt complete after giving birth. It is wonderful to feel complete with a new baby, but really believing your words can ultimately lead you down a difficult road with your relationship with your child.  No one here on earth is here to complete you. This is your job. Wholeness comes from within.  The more you accept this as a truth, you will not be placing unrealistic expectations on your child. How many people have you witnessed that are living through their children?

What to do / Action Steps:

  1. Right now, in this moment, review things that you dream of being doing or having. Becoming a parent doesn’t equal giving up on your fondest dreams. The more you explore the uncharted areas of your life and consciousness, you will start to discover the treasure within you.
  2. Be present with your thoughts, feelings and actions. If you observe and understand you, life will become a lot of easier. This is the magic you want to pass on to your child. A loving, caring parent, complete within themselves is the greatest gift you can offer a child. The more you are ‘the real you.’ the more you allow your child to grow into being themselves. Can you imagine what the world would be like if people could just be themselves? This is possible…..but only when the mother and father experience the truth within themselves.
  3. Take time out every day to connect within, through pray and meditation. Love you enough to be the real you. We can all create heaven on earth just by being the love we seek. The love is in you. So much of our lives are wasting energy of being what we think the world wants us to be. The media bombards us with false images of being feminine or masculine.

As we contemplate bringing a life into the world, we must learn to love ourselves first, in a deep spiritual way (not narcissism) Find out who you truly are. Are we our education, our clothes, our cars or our homes? We would quickly say that we are not ‘our’ things, but isn’t that how we really live our lives?  There is something more. Each one of us is divine and when we start to live from our hearts and not our heads, we can usher in an era of children who will develop and grow as their spirit has intended.  Remember…..the magic is in you!

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