Hurricanes in life are good

This Blog was written last year at this time…..thought it was appropriate to re-post this Blog. I’m confident that everyone has weathered the storm!



Back blogging…..just recently returned from an annual family vacation in Bermuda. I have been in Bermuda the last week in August for over twenty-five years. It’s hurricane season and in all my years there, it never happened during our vacation. On our arrival, the island was buzzing that hurricane Danielle was heading straight towards Bermuda. I watched many friends & acquaintances in Bermuda track it on line and I asked them all why? I also received numerous emails from concerned friends hoping that my family and I were safe. I really appreciated the concern, but it got me thinking how a part of us are feeding into fear and negativity. Why not focus on what we want? I enjoyed my vacation …sunning, swimming, eating and sipping my Dark ‘n’ Stormy’s – a famous island drink. The night before the predicated doomsday Danielle, the waves crashed on the beach with an extra powerful rage.

The storm never arrived and as we headed towards the airport my husband asked the cab driver about the stalled storm. The cabbie, in his laid back Bermuda mode, smiled and proceeded to tell all of us how wonderful hurricanes are. The powerful winds of a hurricane take the sands and bring it out into the depths of the ocean and wash, spin, detoxify the sand. After the storm is over the beaches and everything is pristine again. Nature knows how to heal and restore naturally. Hurricanes are good.

In our personal lives there are times that hurricanes are all around us, whether in our relationships, health, finances or other areas of our life. Storms can be our greatest healers and teachers. The winds of a storm enable us to explore aspects of ourselves that we ignore on sunny days. If we stop holding on so tight and let go who knows where we might land; but just in case…… I’m putting on my ruby slippers!

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