Expectations…are they good or bad?

It’s healthy to have dreams, goals and desires in life.The real trick is to accept the outcome realizing that there is good in everything.It’s truly a balancing act!

How many of us live life without any expectations?  I know that I don’t.  As a human being I have a perspective of how things SHOULD be or how people SHOULD behave.  So with all these great expectations what usually follows is disappointment.  Then our story within ourselves starts to take a life of its own and our disappointment starts to fester like a sore filling up with pus of anger, hurt and resentment.  “You did this to me after I been so good to you.”  Then you become a victim and start defending yourself against the world. The inner turmoil and conflict grows. Sound familiar?

If you really want to develop and grow spiritually this lesson could be number one on your bucket list.  A daily practice of letting go of any expectations of how your day or life needs to be or look like could be tremendously freeing and transformative.  Stop making your life WRONG.  Be patient with yourself as you cultivate this new way of thinking and feeling.  It’s like a new muscle that needs time, practice and patience to become really strong.  But like a strong, fit physique brings good health, working on your inner mind will bring peace, tranquility and harmony.

Set yourself free! Oops…is that another expectation?

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