Shaman Mother’s “7” Golden Rules before you get pregnant – #3 Heal your own Birth Experience!

Golden Rule #3 – Heal your own Birth Experience

“Ludicrous” was my reaction to a friend twenty years ago, when she shared her rebirthing healing session with me.  What a bunch of new age nonsense, I arrogantly thought.  I felt that people were just addicted to healing and searching for another reason to why they were so unhappy.  I don’t have any birth trauma……..boy was I wrong!

On my first visit to Ecuador to study with Shamans, one of the members in my group was a psychotherapist from Colorado.  We had a four hour layover between our travels and she offered the group a rebirthing session.  I had nothing else to do so I agreed. A few hours later I was shocked by my experience.  My subconscious memories through a simple breath-work technique starting to release tension and trauma I never knew existed inside of me.  The experience was so profound that it even touched me on a deeper spiritual level where I spoke to my spiritual guides before my entrance into the tiny infant body of Cynthia.  Energy washed through my body and even at one point my arms became completely paralyzed.  Through conscious breathing with the assistance of the psychotherapist all the tension untied itself.  I started to experience more freedom as light filled my up my body. I felt renewed.

Unconsciously when we are about to give birth, we recreate what our own mothers went through with us. I was a forceps delivered infant and three out of my four children came into this world the same way. I repeated my mother’s pattern until I realized the mind body connection with my fourth and she just popped out into this world on her own. In preparing for your upcoming pregnancy it would be optimal for you to experience a rebirthing session.

What to do /Action Steps:

  1. Transformational Breath-work (which is what I did).  You’ll lie down on the ground with a trained Re-Birth Healer and start learning to breathe simply and more deeply.
  2. Water Re-Birthing- You’ll be taken in a pool or a hot tub and with the guidance of a Re-Birth Healer, you will start to release cellular memories in your own DNA of the trauma of being born.

Hogwash? ….maybe, but don’t judge it unless you experience it. You might be surprised and healed by this experience.  This will be a monumental step in preparing and creating a blessed birth for your child!

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