Preparing for the Mother-Baby Union

Pregnancy is the crowning glory of being a woman.  Lots of women share horror stories of their pregnancy and their arduous labor, but if we really put aside others viewpoints and in go inward we will start to realize the gift we have within our own bodies…the power to bring forth life into this world.  Often time we hear women complain about their periods and how it brings about uncomfortable emotional feelings that we have now labeled PMS.  There is cramping and all the other uncomfortable sensations of being in a woman’s’ body.  But if we truly went in deeper inside our bodies we could discover something miraculous in our DNA and physical makeup.  Women are the carriers of our future generations.  This in itself is a sacred and holy act. Personally, if our world was a different place of consciousness, I would suggest that during a pregnancy a woman should keep her self and the baby protective from the negative bombardments of our world and society.  But for most of us that is impossible.  So you must create a sacred space and incorporate it into your daily life.  Here is what you can do:

  • The first and most important thing to do to prepare for the upcoming pregnancy is to being physically fit.  This will benefit both mother and baby.  You should improve your nutrition and adjust your diet and maybe consult with a nutritionist to guide you.  A professional might suggest some supplements.  This is a very important step to take in the welfare of you and unborn baby.
  • Yoga and mediation will assist to calm your nervous system,  learn to relax & get in touch with your body, as well as open up the energy chakra system that keeps the” chi” flowing inside of you.  Learning to get in touch with your breath and improving your breathing will assist you not only in improved health and vitality but also prepare you for a focus in labor.  Yoga teaches you how to relax into discomfort and surrender to what your body is feeling rather than resisting.  Prana is the energy that flows like an electrical wire along our spine.  Once you learn to use slow mindful breath you will develop an inner calm that benefits you and your baby, bringing vitality to your health.
  • Acupuncture will prepare you before and during pregnancy.  It will keep the “chi” flowing and bring in vital energy to all the important organs of your body.  This ancient practice of healing is presently being verified by medical professionals across the world.
  • Get in touch with your emotional body.  This is one of the most important steps to take BEFORE you get pregnant.  Unresolved issues with your own birth mother could and will probably surface.  As much as you could release any emotional garbage you are holding inside about your childhood and parents will be the best gift you could give to yourself and unborn child.  It doesn’t mean that you need to be in a “Perfect” state of being, but if you do this step with the proper therapist or healer, it will enhance your pregnancy and birth process and essentially your relationship with your baby.
  • Develop a close intimacy with your mate to insure a blessed conception….learning to love each other more deeply and connect on a soul level.  The art of tantra or sacred sex is a skill that few people take the time to develop within a relationship.  Many of us are so busy that sex becomes a chore or an act to get to the point of orgasm. If you practice or buy some tapes that will help enhance you sex life this will bring in more than positive results in your relationship.  Temples in Asia depict different sexual acts and positions because these holy places knew the power and the sacredness of sex.

Bringing a baby through your body is a blessed event.  Preparing the mind, body, emotions and spirit with love and ardor for the arrival of a new soul will uplift the conception and birth experience.  Good luck and remember that every baby is a gift!

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