Manifesting Money

It’s easy in today’s economy to get swept up in the tidal wave of mass belief of lack.  People losing jobs and their homes sends aftershocks into the vibrational field of energy that surrounds us.  This fear spreads like a virus among all of us.  Beliefs have a strong impact on creating our reality.  Yes, you create your own reality.  The moment you decide to be self responsible, everything in your life will change. Thoughts are energy and so is money.  A dear friend of mine Dr. Bhutti, a Tibetan physician, once said to my husband, “All this stress over a piece of paper.”

 It is easy to feel rich when the money is flowing in, but how about when it isn’t?  During tough financial days you must stay firm in the belief that the universe is a prosperous place, willing to support and bless your dreams and desires.  Step away from negative tribal beliefs and create positive thoughts around prosperity in your life.

  1. Act as if what you want is already here.
  2. Rich is a state of consciousness that can be developed.
  3. Be grateful for what you do have.
  4. Dream big and dare to be bold.
  5. Be clear about what you want.
  6. Focus on the solution not the problem.
  7. Clear out any negative thoughts and beliefs around money. (Such as money is the root of all evil.)
  8. Allow your good to come to you easily.
  9. Never give up on a dream. If you’re not getting immediate results on a desire, focus and hold the vision until it happens.
  10.  No matter what the economy is like there have always been people who make money. Choose to be one of these people.

 Remember you cannot create something if you are unable to picture yourself having it.  Rid yourself of fear and doubt. There is enough for all of us…..”Ask and you shall receive.”

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