Looking for Love


We have online dating services, social media, and other ways of connecting to a potential partner, but many people still feel lost and lonely. Why does one feel so alone in the world?People come to see me with a variety of personal issues that are troubling them and one is them is the search for their “BELOVED.”Some people are divorced and others remain single, longer than they ever expected.I often joke with them that the married ones wish that they were single again.  They are treading on the walk of FEAR & not the path of LOVE.  The human mind is filled with concepts, beliefs, and distortions about love.

Most of us think we are capable of loving, but because of past negative experiences, this capability is not firing on all cylinders.People’s ego, pride and fear that they could be rejected, locks the door to this possibility. Love me first and then I’ll see if I’ll love you back is the voice of fear within.  So how do we breakthrough this and attract genuine, healthy love?

  1. Never try to force yourself to love.
  2. Do a thorough self examination of yourself truthfully.
  3. Find where your vanity, ego and pride rule your relationships.
  4. Fall in love with yourself first and not in a narcissistic manner.
  5. Be willing to give love freely without any expectations.
  6. Connect inwardly and lovingly to the Divine and discover harmony within.
  7. Stop wallowing in self pity and extend yourself to love or help someone.
  8. Change your attitude towards your pain.
  9. Stop looking for love…love is found inside.
  10. Be willing to risk heart break!

Surrender all your false insecurities and fall truly in love.  Real love isn’t selfish.  Let go of the need to control and allow the natural feelings of love, kindness and generosity to generate a magical relationship.Love comes from a place deep in the heart….not your mind.  Trust your heart to know love and give love.  Your homework assignment is to take the take the next 10 days and work on a single item above from my recommendations for the entire day; be conscious of it throughout the day and write down your feelings in a journal.  You are on your way to attracting genuine, healthy love……….it’s that simple & you deserve it.

True love always creates happiness!!!!


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