Lady in Red…..STOP forcing pain in your life!

The real question is why are we creating so much pain in our life?   Our whole society is addicted to pain and the only way out for most of us is drugs and alcohol.  We want a quick fix.  What can we do differently?  First a quick story…..

 Saturdays in the afternoon you can find me dressing women in my daughter’s boutique “Twilight.”  I have always had a passion for fashion since childhood and it really balances out the inner work I do with clients Monday thru Friday. Saturday is for feeling good on the outside.  A couple of weeks ago I was assisting a young woman in purchasing a dress when I noticed another woman scurry into the dressing room with a bright red dress.  The bright red dress was like a traffic signal to me.  Stop. I wanted to screech out.  Don’t try on that dress.  In my opinion the dress was all wrong for her body type and she was setting herself up for a disaster.  I suggested before she went into the dressing room to get a size up for the dress tended to run small.  Moments later she was calling to me to help zip the dress up, the zipper would not budge.  I saw all her disappointment, frustration and going through her body.  I kindly suggested that there were lots of other dresses and I could find one for her.  “I want this one,” she replied.  I left the dressing room but the rescuer in me wanted her to feel good.  I quickly went to the dress rack and found another bright red dress, but I knew from my styling experience would flatter and fit her curvy shape.  I showed her the dress and she exploded ” Don’t you get it? I want this one and only this one.”  ” I get it now.” I answered.  I put the dress back on the rack and watched her storm out of the store like it was my fault that the dress she wanted didn’t fit.

  The situation got me thinking about how many of us set our sights on something that isn’t quite right for us… like a job or relationship. But we stay there even though it doesn’t feel good. We want this one. We are then hurt, frustrated and suffering. We keep persisting at the expense of not feeling good.  As a healer, here is what I recommend:

 1.  Look within and ask yourself where there is pain in your life?

2.   Ask the pain what it is trying to show you, that you need to change.

3.   Know that you can make different choices that make you happy.

4.  Stop forcing things to work when you know they cannot. Let go.

5.  If there is a desire that you want and are not getting, trust that the universe is going to bring you something or someone even better than you imagined.

I challenge you to expand your wardrobe a/k/a your life!  Be daring and bold and deserve the best.  The next time your try on a pair of shoes that don’t fit maybe you’ll toss them aside and find a great pair that feel good and look great.  Walk in those shoes into a wonderful, pain free life!

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