Divorce……make it work!

Relationships are the key to our “enlightenment.” How we feel about ourselves is always reflected in our personal relationships. People blame others for all of their unhappiness, but that is clearly one of the biggest lies that we can tell to ourselves. No one on this planet is perfect, but we can be perfect for each other through love and acceptance. When one needs to be “RIGHT” to make the other” WRONG” this is a fundamental error in developing a spiritual and more evolved relationship.

A divorce is a somewhat like death, where life changes create a personal and spiritual transformation. Personally, I believe in divorce….two people should not stay together if they do not love each other. With that said, it remains totally destructive to draw weapons and go to battle in divorce court. If children are involved, they are exposed to their parent’s venom and wounds. Did you ever think that if you want to end a marriage, you do not need an excuse or reason to make your partner wrong or bad?

.A self-aware individual will look within and find the reason that the relationship is not working….an emotional, immature person will always put the bulk of the blame on the other. When two people relate to each other, both of them equally carry the responsibility for the relationship. Difficulties and fears arise in our interactions when you are still blaming the other person. You look at their faults and tend to magnify the situation; your expectations can never be met at this point.

If you want a relationship to blossom, start with being kind to yourself. Give up your own self hatred and your negative distortions and attitude towards yourself. Extend love to another person freely without control or underlying fear. Two people coming together in a loving relationship is one of the most powerful and joyful experiences a person can have. If you decide to divorce, do it with respect for your former partner….. leave the drama for television!

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