Am I Ready to be a Mother?

This is probably a question that every woman asks herself at one time or another.  Some of us plan pregnancy and for others it is a big surprise. Women’s bodies are designed for childbirth, but that doesn’t make every woman a Mother.  Motherhood is a serious lifetime commitment.  My oldest is thirty years old and sometimes I feel like she needs me as much emotionally, as she did as a young child.  This job is never ending and ever demanding, but to me the Mother and child relationship is such a rich experience that is filled with treasures.  You will know in your heart when it is the right time to conceive a child.  People spends a lot of time examining their finances and other factors in determining when to get pregnant, but being emotionally prepared is the best choice.  All those other things will take care of themselves somehow.

Doubt, insecurities and fears will come up.  Will my baby be healthy?  What if I can’t do this?  I will never have fun again or you might worry that your body will be ruined.  Feel the doubts and fears….. cast them aside like unnecessary clutter.  Pour in some beautiful thoughts such as:  This will be an incredible experience.  My body will remain healthy and fit, as my pregnancy expands.  I will be a wonderful Mother.  I am blessed to be able to carry a child.  Fill your consciousness with loving and embracing feelings and I guarantee that your motherhood abilities will blossom like a rose!

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