2012….the end or the beginning!

Everyday, I have clients ask me what I think will happen in 2012.  The media has certainly created doom and fear, while the latest Hollywood film “2012” simply ignites the terrors that are held in popular belief.  Recent earthquakes and violent weather patterns seem to support this doomsday mentality.  Some of the contributing factors for this fear include  the end of the Mayan calendar in the year 2012 and the media’s depiction of Nostradamus’ dark predications on the History channel and the Book of Revelations that depicts an apocalypse ending for all of us sinners.

I see things differently.  With my rose colored glasses and Pollyanna positive attitude, I see 2012 as an ending of the years of darkness and unconscious behavior.  We will be stepping out of the years of the Kali Yuga into the golden years….. the return to the Garden of Eden and heaven on earth.  I see people awakening to their soul potential and living harmoniously with nature and each other.  There will be a shift away from greed and ambition, and toward the greater good.   The exposure of the fraud of our financial institutions and government leaders are indicating how this good old private club must end.   Fear is insidious and as President Roosevelt stated:” The only thing to fear is fear itself.”  We need to shift our consciousness from fear based thinking into our natural state of peace.   If we rise above these negative thought patterns of destruction and shift to constructive thoughts of love, peace and harmony, imagine what we can all create together!

We have spent thousand of years killing each other and destroying the earth.  It’s time to end the nightmares and dream a different dream.  We can do it together!  We need to throw out old habits and try a new approach that leads to transformation…….remember, in order to be a butterfly, we must stop thinking like a caterpillar.

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