Tiger Woods ~ Judgment Day!

Judgment is truly low energy and something that keeps us from reaching our true spiritual potential as human beings.  The media once again is in a feeding frenzy over the Tiger Woods’ situation. Television and radio talk hosts are debating the character of Tiger Woods.  I don’t know about all of you but I am tired of this. Gossip serves the lower aspects of our souls because we delight in the fall of grace of a wealthy, public figure. It makes us feel good that someone so successful has screwed up.

The most famous spiritual teacher, Jesus said: “He who has not sinned cast the first stone.” All of us have the potential inside of us to commit any of the seven deadly sins. I know that the only person in this world I can change is ME.  I made a decision quite a number of years ago to stop judging other people. This has required a lot of mental self discipline and observation of my own inner world. Every negative aspect of humanity lies within me…it is not outside of me.  We have been given a book of rules and when any deviates from them, we all hammer our gavels with a guilty verdict. It is time to toss out the gavel and the rule book. On a spiritual level we don’t know the full spectrum of the lessons within an individual soul. For example, Betrayal can be a huge opportunity for a person to grow spiritually. ….the betrayed as well as the betrayer.

1. Stop yourself from judging and criticizing another person.  Let’s make a commitment to ourselves not to engage in gossip and purchase material that preys off the difficulties of others.   See if what you’re judging in another person’s character is inside of you.

2. Cultivate the virtue of compassion for others as well as for ourselves because ultimately one day we all will fall down from grace.

3.  Offer each other a helping hand, rather than a life sentence of guilt and shame.

Remember, mistakes can be our greatest teacher…….however, you are not the Judge or Jury for others – be compassionate!

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