Shaman Mother’s “7” Golden Rules before you get pregnant – #4 Reconnect with your Soul!

Golden Rule # 4 – Reconnect with your Soul! 

How often do you think about your soul or spiritual self?  We spend so much time thinking about our physical being, but sparing moments contemplating our own soul. The soul is everlasting but our bodies are mortal. Get in touch with your spirituality …whatever that means to you. 

Our spiritual nature needs to be a daily happening. The more you get in touch with your true spiritual nature, the more positive influence you’ll be for your unborn child.  Bliss and beauty are eternal principles available to all, but it comes from an “internal” experience with the Divine. 

What to do / action steps: 

  1. Set aside time everyday to get in touch with a state of being. Meditate and watch your thoughts, while you listen to your breath. Allow your spirit to move through you in a deeper and more profound experience of life.
  2.  Connect with nature. It can be as simple as witnessing a sunset or watching a bird in flight. Nature assists us in reconnecting to our spiritual selves.
  3.  Listen to uplifting music that makes your heart soar.

 Start to follow your inner guidance and more joy will flow into your life. A happy, serene mother equals a happy, peaceful baby. You are the life force that nourishes an infant. Nourish your soul and self by developing your true inner spirit. Pray with passion and fill your body with grace.  Love is our true essence!

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