Baby Boy or Girl!

Baby boy or girl | a choice

Whether, a baby boy or girl, I don’t know if there is any woman who is pregnant, who at one time didn’t lean toward a certain gender preference for their unborn child.  In my experience, I have seen many women who did not receive the baby boy or girl that they wanted and, due to their disappointment, bonding did not immediately take place. This deprives both the mother and the child. Someone once said that if women were able to choose what gender they would like, there would be far too many male children born and our population would experience a crisis with not enough women to bear children. I have found this to be untrue. Most of the women who came to me had two sons and ached to have a female child. I think it would be great if we could all experience children of each gender… assuming that is your choice for a boy or girl!

What if |  baby Boy or Girl

Well, if money wasn’t a problem for you regarding having a baby boy or girl, then you could undergo a lengthy scientific process that separates your husband’s sperm. Sperm is the determining factor in the gender of a child. A woman’s egg has nothing to do with gender determination. But most of us are unable to afford such a a process to have a boy or girl,  and, even with this scientific process of separating a male’s sperm, it is not guaranteed that you’ll have the gender you desire, whether it is a boy or girl.  On the other hand, The Secret Baby Recipe is simple, economical and pleasurable. Sex is still sex and there are no special added effects to take away from a special moment.

Baby Boy or Girl….The Secret Baby Recipe

For more than 25 years, women having been dramatically increasing their odds for a Baby Boy or Girl using the magic ingredients of this recipe that includes:

1.  Believing

2.  Visualizing

3.  Predicting Ovulation

4.  Creating (Sex & Timing)

5.  Loving

6.  Meditating

7.  Accepting

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