Will they put ‘How much I Weigh’ on my Gravestone?

Women’s daily obsession with their weight got me to ask this question. I have to admit that I weigh myself on a daily basis. It started during my teen age years. I was always very slim.  Criticism from my mother and her fears about me getting fat like her Mother, planted negative thought forms about weight.

Bridget Jones, the beloved character of books and movies depicts how most of us are riding the wave of weight gain fear. Our whole sense of our self seems to weigh-in on what the number on the scale says. WOW! Is this how we want to spend our energy…worrying, and grading who we are as woman by the size of the dress or jeans that we wear? Hundreds of years ago a woman were considered to be poor if she was thin. A full size woman was considered to be wealth and beauty. Now after the sixties era of Twiggy, rich and skinny is still in. As a stylist on the weekend in my daughter’s boutiques, I watch women of all sizes look at themselves in the mirror with self judgment and criticism.  Eating disorders among women is rampant, as our society preys on your low self-esteem.

It’s time to end this madness. Do you think that when you die, the source of all of creation is going to ask you how much you weighed? I think not. Our physical size is not who we are …lets start today thinking and acting differently about ourselves.

What to do / Action Steps:

  1. Stop judging yourself about your weight.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to other women.
  3. Spend more time growing spiritually.
  4. Love yourself no matter how much you weigh.
  5. Eat mindfully and bless your food.
  6. Exercise playfully.
  7. Practice the power of presence.
  8. Be still.
  9. Forgive yourself and others.
  10. Be grateful for all that your body does for you.
  11. Practice giving without expectations
  12. Love your life and this world more deeply.


The entrance of your soul into paradise will hopefully be weighed by how much you have loved.  When I cross over to the other side and step on a scale, I pray that all the love in my heart tips the scales. This is what I wish for…….a full heart!

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