Why do we Crave?…..


Why did I eat that box of chocolates, drink too much or overeat again?

Craving comes in many disguises.  Most of us associate this craving with food, alcohol, shopping, drugs or sex, but it is present in many other areas of our life if we just take the time to place a magnifying glass on an area of our life and really see.  Food, shopping, gambling, money, working, exercising, abusive relationships, illness and even spirituality can become extreme.Did you ever have a moment when you ate a pint of ice cream or drank a whole bottle of wine and the gratification lasted only seconds?  You vow to yourself to never do this again.  Next what happens is that the craving starts tip toeing in from behind us and tapping us on the shoulder wanting some MORE.

Our sense of self is through some form of gratification which ultimately leaves us unsatisfied and the feelings of “Not Enough.”  Now you’re trapped into a vicious self loathing and waiting for the day that you are fixed and no longer need a fix.How do we get off this treadmill?Here are some suggestions:

1.  Stop compulsive thinking.

2.  Accept who you are now.

3.  Stop identifying yourself with things.

4.  Use a crisis or challenge as an opportunity for growth.

5.  Everything that you have experienced has benefited you.

6.  Forgive yourself for things you have done.

7.  Supply your consciousness with new and positive information.

8.  Stop waiting and live in the NOW.

9.  You can do it!

Excessive craving arises from pain.  Look at your own pain in whatever form it shows itself and feel it.  Let go of your attachment to pain. Love it free!  Dissolve everything from the past and create a still space.

“He who has once known contentment, that comes simply through being content,will never again be otherwise than contented.”

– Tao Te Ching

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