Shaman Mother’s “7” Golden Rules before you get pregnant – #5 Heal your Physical Body!

Golden Rule #5 – Heal your Physical Body! 

A  V.I P. is coming to your home for dinner (possibly President Obama or the Dali Lama).  What would you do? You would probably clean your house; dress in your finest clothing and prepare a glorious feast. Your upcoming pregnancy needs to be viewed with the same perspective…. an important guest is arriving soon. Your body is the temple which will be hosting this great guest. What will you do to prepare? 

What to do / action steps: 

  1. Clean and detoxify your body of any bad habits such as smoking, drugs, and excessive drinking and eating. Sweep away these habits before pregnancy.
  2.  Alkalize your body. You can purchase PH strips that you can test your own urine and saliva at home and see what your PH levels are. Most people have too much acid in their bodies. An alkalized body is a healthy body for you and your child.
  3. Drink lots of fresh, clean water and add a lime to it. This will assist in alkalizing the body.
  4. Develop good nutritional habits. The most important key is to have a “balanced” diet. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables with protein and carbohydrates. You don’t have to eliminate sugar but keep it in check. Sometimes a woman decides that being pregnant is giving her permission to get fat and over indulge…wrong. This is the time to eat better than ever.
  5. Build a strong fit body. This is important for you as well as the baby. Choose an exercise that you enjoy. I played tennis for six months of my pregnancy.  One day after a tennis match my body said no more. Listen to your body. It will guide you what to do or not do.
  6. Walk in sunshine. Yes, make sure you’re exposed to sunlight. We need the vitamin D for a strong healthy body.  Add supplements and vitamins to support a healthy body.
  7. Love yourself and just do the best that you can.


Loving and nourishing and taking care of your body is a gift to yourself and the baby. This child is a spark of light descending from the world of spirit down to earth. The baby is choosing you. The child is divine and remember…. your body is the sacred vessel.

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