Let my Love open the Door

Peter Townsend’s song” Let my love open the Door” is on my top 10 of favorite songs.It’s a reminder to all of us how shining love opens up our heart.Love is a state of BEING.It is not something that we can ever lose nor can anyone take it away.The more we feel this inner love, the less we become dependent on others, circumstances and situations to fill us up.

We can start to choose to cultivate love through grace, beauty, wisdom, non -judgment and acceptance. The ego always craves more, but the heart gives more. All that love that you’re looking for, will open the door to yourself by just BEING you and knowing that is enough. The sun doesn’t choose to illuminate upon one person …… it shines on all of us.

The past is over and look back with gratitude for all that you’ve experienced in 2010.  If there are things you are resolving to change as we approach 2011, go beyond the mind and the ego and allow your life to flow.  Create an opportunity for new doorways of higher consciousness to open up inside of you.  These doorways can bring you to new places and experiences.  Walk through the door with shoes of love.

Happy New Year!

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