Learning to Love

There are very few who truly know how to love.  Most of us are operating on an ego based personality, looking towards another human being to fill the cracked holes within ourselves.  Early in a relationship, our hearts and minds are filled with euphoria and happiness, like a box of chocolates.  This tastes so good.  We start to associate that the other person is making us feel this way.  Then reality sets in like a dark cloud and the ‘blame game’ begins.  You begin to say “you don’t bring me flowers anymore; you did this to me;  you make me feel like a piece of crap;  I would be so happy of it weren’t for you….”.  Does this sound familiar?  Suddenly, love turns into hate.  Real love never has a polar opposite…..love is love.  So what can we do when our relationships start taking nose dives?

1.  Never try to change anyone else. The person you can change is YOU.

2.  People treat you the way you treat yourself.

3.  You have to start with love and acceptance of yourself before you can extend love to another.

4.  Don’t expect any person to make you happy…..this is your job.

5.  Allow the real you to be present in an intimate relationship…not a phony or masked self.

6.  Realize that you are responsible for only fifty percent of the relationship.

7.  Operate, not from neediness, and extend love & support to each other.

8.  Give up expectations and control.

9.  If there is something you dislike in another person, find that trait within yourself and transform it.

Relationships are the key to your life’s journey and spiritual growth. Learning to truly love takes time, commitment and courage…..without it, life is empty – your choice!

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