How to cope with the Baby Blues

Baby Blues | what are they

We all assume that when our new born baby arrives, our motherly hormones kick in and we will be in ecstasy…. coddling, suckling & bonding with our child.  Yes, this indeed happens for some new mothers, but for others it is just the opposite.  The ‘baby blues or postpartum depression’ begin to set in like a deep, dark cloud over the mother… are hurt, angry, confused and most of all, ashamed of your feelings.  How could a “good” mother feel this way?  What kind of person am I?  Doctors blame these feelings on the blast of hormones bombarding the woman’s body, but as a Shaman Healer I strongly disagree.  Our hormones are acting as a catalyst to release pent-up emotions in our body that a woman has suppressed during pregnancy.  These layers of mental and emotional unexpressed feelings are like a volcano erupting, pushing a woman into her pain.  Instead of accepting her true feelings, she goes into shame.  Unfortunately, this is like adding gasoline to an already hot fire.

Women’s Collective Consciousness | additional impact on the Baby Blues

In women’s collective consciousness, there is still a tremendous amount of hurt and pain that also impacts your emotions.  The largest holocaust that has ever taken place on this earth has been the obliteration of women.  China is a perfect example of a country rejecting feminine consciousness, as most women abort or give their daughters up in favor of a male.  ‘How does this affect me’,  you might ask.  It certainly does since we are all connected.  Every time that we look at the feminine energy as weak, all that energy collects in our female bodies.   Unresolved issues with our own birth mother are also stored in our subconscious and manifest themselves during this period.

What to do | Shaman Mother’s Tips for the Baby Blues

Allow these negative dark emotions to surface, talk to a good friend or healer about these feelings and most importantly, have compassion for yourself. Accept these feelings and stop identifying with this pain.  Observe yourself from an objective perspective, as if you were watching a movie, and notice your reactions and trigger points. The moment that the Ego stops perceiving that this is me, the sufferings stops.  Shift these feelings and emotional pain into enlightened consciousness.  You are on your way to setting yourself free, as these painful feelngs will shift into a blessed bliss!

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