Face your fears head on….


As we walk through our life journey, most of us are filled with anxiety and stress; ourthoughts are loaded with fear.We mask our pain by pretending to be positive when underneath the facade is intense emotional pain. Inside of most of us is a small child who developed misperceptions and distortions about life based on fear.

You must face your fears head on and with an open heart, if you want to be truly empowered. It is an easier process if you face fears consciously, rather than have your unconscious mind create a difficult situation for you to experience suppressed emotions. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Take total responsibility for your healing transformation.
  2. Sit in a meditative state and then bring in something you fear the most. Create a negative fantasy of this fear and then resolve it.
  3. Be an observer of yourself….when you find yourself experiencing emotional pain, find the truth inside of you that you have been resisting. Dig it out to the open.
  4. Take a look at your own dark side honestly without judgment. We are all both darkness and light and pretending that darkness is outside of you will only bring in unwanted problems because of these suppressed feelings.
  5. Teach yourself how to live life without fear.

Release your fears today!Confront them and you will start to experience a freedom, peace and joy that you never thought was possible. Make your healing process the number one priority in your life. As you heal, this passes on to family and friends and ultimately the whole planet.

“ the only thing to fear is fear itself”Franklin Roosevelt

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