Complaining… holds you back!

You’re complaining…it’s raining or what else is bothering you?  Did you ever stop and LISTEN to all the whining and complaining?  It will wear you out.  I stopped in my local coffee shop for my daily cup of coffee and listened while the owner complained to every customer.  She complained that her help never shows up.  She complained about customers complaining and today was the day she was going to call up an interested buyer to buy the shop.  Then my twenty one year old daughter came home from a long day.  She complained about school and her job. Be more positive I advised, ” See the good.”  Her reply: “I don’t want to hear your BS right now.”   My client showed up ten minutes late and complained that the driver in front of him was driving ten miles per hour in the snowstorm and braking every two seconds.  Later that same evening, I visited Facebook to hear all the complaints about the recent Massachusetts State Senatorial election.  WOW….. I’m even complaining about everyone complaining!

I invite all of you reading this Blog to join me in eliminating this bad habit…after all,  it keeps you from focusing on the important things in life.  Here are my recommendations:

  1. Stop yourself before the complaint comes out of your mouth.
  2. Take a deep breath.
  3. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of my complaining?
  4. Does complaining make things better?
  5. Do you have the need to be right at the expense of making others wrong?
  6. Complaining is a habit that needs & can be broken.
  7. Keep score and reduce your # of complaints per day….remember, life is a journey.
  8. Accept yourself and others for who they are……not who you want them to be.

I believe that  if you take this step, you will start to view the world through a ‘different lens.’   Life is a gift…..including every experience and person that touches you along the way.   It, truly, is a wonderful life!

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