Childbirth Fears

Childbirth Fears |  they happen to every woman

You are pregnant and family members, friends and acquatiances celebrate your good news.  All of a sudden you are bombarded by every woman that you encounter with their “war stories.”  Women wear their childbirth experience like a purple heart on their chest!  You will hear horror stories of forty-eight hour labors and on the opposite spectrum, women who  did it naturally and the baby slipped out.  I guarantee that you’ll be polite and listen, but keep this thought in mind……. their experience does not equal yours.  The more important question is ” What type of childbirth experience do I want to create?”

Childbirth Fears |  Eliminating them

Three out of my four deliveries were forceps assisted.   My mind had been previously filled with limiting childbirth fears that my pelvis was small, labor would be long and etc.  However, the more I studied the mind-body connection,  I began to realize that I had the power to create a different birth experience.  Every day I would visualize my daughter’s birth and that she would just pop out into the world.  I saw it in my mind’s eye;  I affirmed it. I knew it and when Jacqueline arrived in the world she popped out exactly as I had visualized with the mind and body completely synchronized.  Take time to write down all your worse childbirth fears about the upcoming birth. Read it out loud and the rip up the paper you wrote on into tiny pieces. You can even burn the paper if you prefer.  Then flush it down the toilet and say out loud “these feelings are no longer part of me and my child.”  Next write down how you want the experience to be.  See it!  Feel it…calm, easy and natural. Sit everyday for five minutes contemplating a safe passageway for you and your baby. Let love and peace be your constant companions. Trust the process. This is what your body was designed to do.  You are a woman and a Mother……a vessel for a soul to arrive on earth.  What a gift!!

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