Cherish or Perish ~ Balloon Boy, Jon & Kate, Michael Jackson

CHERISH…..what a lovely word.  Our children need to be cherished. Society says that children are our national treasure, but our actions say otherwise.  The recent balloon boy incident is clearly a demonstration of using children for the parents’ own self-interest.  The poor child spoke the truth and seconds later, vomited in fear of his father’s wrath. Michael Jackson is another example of a child used for his Father’s ambitions;  he  craved for his childhood to be returned to him by creating his Neverland ranch.  Clearly Michael never healed from being forced into the spotlight and abuse. Fame and fortune never gave him the inner peace and love he wanted so desperately. He had to numb himself daily.

Every night we are bombarded with ‘Jon and Kate’ stories both proclaiming the love and concern for their children while their actions are totally the opposite.  It’s easy for all of us to sit in front of the television and judge these people and self righteously declare that we would never do that. But we all do this, one way or another.

 All the great religions of the world proclaim that love is the answer, but how many of us truly know how to love?  It is time to remember.

 1.  CHOOSE differently.  Each day choose peace, harmony, truth, integrity, and love.

2.  FOCUS on creating a firm foundation for yourself and family of health, prosperity, and love.

3.  LEARN from the lessons of your life experiences. Stop repeating old patterns of negative behavior and blame.

4.  FORGIVE and it will fortify you. Our history shows that all of us  readily pick up a weapon to retaliate. Jesus said it best: “Father forgive them. They know not what they do.”

5.  BREATHE in love and thoughts of love. This is your true purpose. 

 CHERISH yourself.  CHERISH life.  CHERISH your children, family, community and friends.  So, I challenge you to look inward and find where you are withholding love……be the love you seek!

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